Gen 1 RoA Spotlight Tournament: RBY PU - Winner: Sabelette!

- ROUND 1 -
Remember, posting replays is mandatory. It is not optional.

Shaneghoul  vs  Wanted in 49 States
TheDougArt  vs  Acetylaldehyde
Pkonob31  vs  Mirbro
 vs  kenny
xmanpdx  vs  NotVeryCake
Xr_Kartana  vs  VyoletRayn
yimb  vs  Murman
Tree69420  vs  nicole7735
 vs  Rage
sleid  vs  Toxin boost
pac  vs  Mr.Bossaru
giove97  vs  Sificon
phoopes  vs  Gastlies
mrextrazy  vs  TehTayTeh
 vs  Chermal
SponsoredPost  vs  Ice Yazu

Note: This bracket was made only a few minutes before Ice Yazu’s signup (and I can’t make another because no badges lmao). I’ve opted to allow them in despite the deadline so as to not gatekeep anyone from the tournament (not to mention, the timing is hilarious).
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I'd like to request an extension pls. We couldn't find a time to play this week but we'd be able to play Monday evening

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